anti-cellulite massage

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-Cellulite Massage

This is a do-it-yourself massage, since few of us willingly expose our cellulite once we have a good store of it! For best results, do the anti-cellulite massage morning and night using lots of oil or favourite cream. Always do all strokes in an upwards direction, towards the heart, to help get the blood flowing and stop body toxin building up.

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Anti-cellulite massage done sitting

  1. Sit comfortably bending the knee of the leg you are working on. Start with the right leg and stoke firmly up the thigh from knee to hip, with one hand following the other in flowing motion. Do the entire thigh – inner, outer, front and back.
  2. Knead the thigh all over, pinching and squeezing flesh between the thumbs and fingers of both hands. Again, start from above the knee and work in an upwards direction to the top of the thigh. The hands should work together, with one pointing down and the outer thigh as knuckling can hurt.
  3. Bend your fingers stiffly at the first joint and firmly drag your hands from the knee up the thigh. The hands should work together, with one pointing down and the other upwards.
  4. Make your hands into loose, relaxed fists and use them to pummel all over the rhigh by tapping down and bouncing up quickly and lightly. Use the flat part of your fists from the first joint to the fingertips, so your hands are hitting palm down, one after the other.

Anti-cellulite massage done standing

  1.  Stand up while doing steps five to eight. Place your right hand, palm down, on your right buttock and make large, firm, flowing circles keeping your hand flat. Start on the hip and move clockwise down to the thigh and back the cheek of the buttock to the start.
  2. Standing and using the same hand, knead the right buttock muscle, using your thumb and fingers in a pinching squeezing movement. Begin where the thigh meets the curve of the buttock and work upwards to the hip, wherever there is loose flesh. Try to make firm, fast movements.
  3. Make your right hand into a loose, relaxed first and use it to pummel all over the right buttock by tapping down and bouncing up quickly and lightly. Use the flat part of your fist from the first joint to the fingertips, so that your hand is hitting palm down, and work in an upwards direction.
  4. Finish off with long, smooth, deep strokes, using one after the other, from mid-thigh up over the buttock to the hip. Use the flat of your hand, in a friction rub, moving the land up and down in short, fast sawing movements. Now repeat all steps on the left side.

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