Yonka Time Resist Creme Jour


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Yonka Time Resist Creme Jour

Ageing is a part of the natural life cycle, which is predetermined at birth. Ageing skin reveals the effects of time passing and the skin can thin, wrinkle, and lose its density and radiance.

External factors (pollution, smoking, alcohol, sun) speed up these phenomena. The Time resist duo is, therefore, a precious ally for your skin: it provides it with advanced natural ingredient technology that neutralizes the effects of these external factors: controlling the visible signs of ageing.

At the heart of these velvety and hydrating formulas is an all-new synergy that combines new-generation plant-based stem cells with the anti-inflamm’aging

Youth Energy lipoaminoacid, to uphold your skin’s youth. Protected throughout the entire day, technologically advanced microspheres enriched with hyaluronic acid visibly smooth wrinkles and give the skin more bounce.

Yonka Time Resist Creme Jour Benefits

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Reduces the signs of tiredness

Efficacy Tested by Yonka

A clinical study demonstrated a -75% reduction in the look of wrinkles in 20 women aged 40-55 who applied the Time Resist duo 2x daily for 4 weeks.

In a consumer test over 4 weeks of 45 women aged 35-55, 100% of users found their skin to be more beautiful.


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