Yonka Age Defence Creme 93


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Yonka Age Defence

  • Recommended For Combination Skin: Yonka Creme 93 self-adjusts moisture level associated with combination skin (partly oily on forehead, nose, and chin; partly dry on cheek area) through a scientific aromatherapeutic cocktail of normalizing phyto sources. Your complexion thrives with an instantly revitalized appearance.
  • Restore, Refresh, Tone & Balance Your Skin: Yonka Creme 93 is a delicate, regulating cream endowed with a seductive scent of ylang-ylang. It balances and tones your skin while controlling the T-zone oil shine with a matte perfection. Your complexion thrives with an instantly revitalized appearance. Yonka Creme 93 leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth, with a new fresh and even complexion.
  • Multi-Vitamin Formula: Yonka Creme 93 is enriched with vitamin A, C and E that help restore and balance your skin thanks to their anti-oxidant properties.
  • Non-Greasy And Fast-Absorbing: Yonka Creme 93 is a smooth and fast-absorbing regulating moisturizer, that will leave your skin with a fresh-feeling and a natural aroma of ylang-ylang.
  • Yonka Quintessence: An exclusive and treasured formula combining five essential oils with extraordinary synergetic properties. Fine lavender from Haute Provence with calming and anti-inflammatory properties; Rosemary from Morocco with regenerating and toning properties, Geranium from Egypt with analgesic and healing properties; Thyme from Spain with powerful antiseptic properties; Cypress from Provence decongestant and powerful nervous system regulator.


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