Chocolate Indulgence for 2 persons

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Enjoy a Couples Nourishing Chocolate Full Body scrub and Wrap, a Holistic Face and Scalp massage, a Holistic Full Body massage for only €110

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Put your mind at ease and allow yourself to dissolve into a healing holistic bliss. Soul Solutions Holistic treatments help people rejuvenate on all levels at this one-of-a-kind holistic healing spa.

Nourishing Chocolate Full Body Scrub and Wrap with Holistic Face and Scalp Massage

Moisturise and nourish your skin with this decadent ChocRageous body experience and while you are in your chocolate body scrub and wrap, you will enjoy a relaxing Holistic Face and Scalp Massage.

Body Wraps such as this deluxe chocolate wrap provide anti-cellulite effects that help reduce contours and smoothes out orange peel. This provides a luxurious source of beauty and well being.  Chocolate has a calming effect thereby reducing stress & releasing muscles for a younger, relaxed appearance thus reducing the appearance of Stretch Marks, Fine Lines & Wrinkles as well.

Holistic Full Body Massage

Holistic treatments are focused on self-healing, and our Holistic Therapists guide people to help themselves. In this specific massage therapy, we will use only the finest blend of soothing Essential Oils and you will achieve ‘wellness’ of your entire Mind, Body and Soul.

Chocolate Indulgence for 2 Include

  • Couples Nourishing Chocolate Full Body Scrub and Wrap
  • Holistic Face and Scalp Massage for 2
  • Couples Full Body Massage
  • Duration of all treatments – 90 minutes
  • Light refreshments
  • Use of SPA Facilities

For any further info about Chocolate Indulgence package & to make an appointment, you can contact us or call at +356 27040100

Our Goal

Our goal is to tailor the clients experience based on initial consultation information, as well as feedback during the treatments, to ensure the clients comfort and satisfaction. An important facet of the spa is that every treatment will be explained in detail so that the client will be able to relax completely.

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