Anesi Silhouette Modellage Butter


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Anesi Silhouette Modellage Butter

A fantastically textured mask that has a draining, filtering and reducing effect. The formula comprises two lipolytic compounds extracted from bitter oranges and Indian plants, draining and decongestants, as well as cocoa butter, shea butter and mango, which nourish, hydrate and restore the flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

Benefits Anesi Silhouette Modellage Butter

  • Decongests and stimulates circulation.
  • Drains and has a filtration effect on the tissue.
  • Its lipolytic effect, tones and reshapes the figure.
  • It moisturises and revitalises the skin from deep within.

How to use

Apply a thin layer on the body and leave it to act for 15 minutes. Subsequently, massage any excess into the skin. If you wish to boost the lipolytic effect, use sweat pants.


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