top 10 spa treatments in malta

Massage therapy has been around for hundreds of years. If you need to relief from muscle pain or stress, you can choose from one of our top 10 Spa treatments available in Malta.

CBD Oil Spa Treatment

The main beneficial properties of CBD are that it is calming, relaxing and regenerating. The treatment can be used on any type of skin and is really good with mature skin as it reduces inflammation, which in turn is great for anti-ageing and acne.

heal me massage

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Nordic Sensations Spa Treatment

The Swedish massage is one of the most common types of Spa treatment to find in Malta because it is very gentle and relaxing. At Soul Solutions Spa, our certificated professional therapists use long strokes, kneading and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using the finest lotions and oils.

nordic sensations

Discover all the treatments included within the Nordic Sensations Spa Treatment.

Dolce Vita Wellness with Jasmine & Tiare Flowers

Aromatherapy is a Spa treatment that includes one or more scented plant oils. During the session, the aromas will be used to nurturing the skin but also promote a sensation of wellness at all level of your body and mind. The most popular aroma is lavender as it is well suited for stress-related conditions together with an emotional component. In Dolce Vita Wellness we have chosen the Jasmine because its benefits are antidepressant, antiseptic and aphrodisiac.

dolce vita wellness

Discover all the treatments included within the Dolce Vita Wellness Spa package

Couple Super Hot-Stone Full Body Massage

Heated smooth stones are placed on certain parts of the body to help loosen those tight muscles and balance energy centres in the body. At Soul Solutions Spa, our professional therapists also apply gentle pressure, especially for those who have muscle tension. The Full body Hot Stone Massage helps with aches and pains in the muscles as it helps to dissolve any knots and reduces all the stress within the body.


Discover all the treatments included within the Super Hot-Stone Full Body massage

5 Star Spa Experience Spa treatments

The combination of different types of massage as a Holistic Full Body Massage + Relaxing & Restoring Facial + Reflexology Foot Treatment + Hair Argan Oil massage + Eucalyptus Sauna is the best spa treatment you can receive.

Discover all the treatments included in this amazing spa package!

New Energy Sports Spa Treatment

Then there is sports massage that is designed for people involved in sports activities. This type of exclusive spa treatment is designed not only for professional athletes but also for anyone that does sport since it helps prevent and treat physical injuries.

energy sports

Find out what are all the benefits and what is included in the New Energy Sport Spa package.

Full Body Massage plus Refreshing Facial Treatment

Super Spa Me is the name we have reserved for this exclusive Spa treatment because the combination of a full body massage & a Facial will make you feel relaxed, painless and full of joy.

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Anti-Cellulite Spa Treatment

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle, connective tissue massage technique that accelerates the movement of the lymphatic fluid that bathes the tissues, through the lymphatic system and into the bloodstream. The therapist uses precise, rhythmic strokes.

Discover all the treatments included within the Detox Diva anti-cellulite Spa package

Office Spa Break Spa Treatment

Offices Should Encourage People Take Breaks from Their Computers. There’s no doubt that nowadays almost everyone uses computers within the modern office environment. The computer has become in its own right one of the most important devices when it comes to the office workplace. Not everyone will suffer the consequences from using a computer all day long, but nevertheless, it is important that everyone is aware of what measures to take in order to ensure good health as well as good habits.

office spa break

Learn more about Office Spa Break

Spice Up Your Life

Soothe, relax and relieve muscle tension with our Spice Up Your Life.
After a busy day at work, what can be better than a soothing, relaxing, hot oil massage to relieve the stress, strains and tensions of the day? Using the finest oils heated to a perfect temperature and then slowly dripped over your body allowing the heat of the oil to awaken your body senses as it warms and caresses your skin. Our therapists use professional spa equipment to perform the Hot Oil massage, so it is delivered to you at the perfect temperature.

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Of course, there are other kinds of Spa packages with exclusive treatment therapy aside from the top ten Spa treatments mentioned in this article dedicated to who live in Malta or is visiting our wonderful Island.

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