effects of massage

What are the effects of massage?

The effects of massage are twofold: physiological and psychological. When the body is massaged, the mechanics effect the local area of the massage, whereas the nervous stimulation, effect the whole body. Evidently the positive benefits of massage for the physical body will affect the psychological body and vice-versa.

Physiological effects

In the short term massage will:

  • improve skin tone and colour by removing dead cells and improving circulation
  • encourage better circulation therefore more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and more efficient waste removal
  • encourage deeper and therefore more efficient and relaxed breathing
  • encorage better lymph drainage and reduce swelling
  • relieve muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness.
  • relieve tired, stiff joints.
  • promote general relaxation
  • sedate or stimulates the nervous system
  • encourage sleep
  • speed up digestion and waste removal.

Psychological effects

In the short term massage will:

  • relax the body, theby reducing tension and the effects of stress
  • relax the mind, thereby reducing anxiety and its effects
  • soothe and comfort the client
  • give a “lift” to the emotions and increase positive feelings
  • increase energy by invigorating allbody systems and reducing fatigue

In the long term massage will:

  • enable sustained relaxation of body and mind
  • improve body image, awaraness and general self-esteem
  • increase energy levels, less energy is spent in holding the body in a state of tension and strain.

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