sports corrective massage

Sports Corrective Massage

In this article we are going to explain what is and what are the benefits of sports corrective massages.

What is sports corrective massage?

It is a form of massage, used as part of a rehabilitation programme to treat injuries or dysfunctions of soft tissues. The sports corrective massage is a manual massage involving the manipulation of skin, fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The aim is correct problems and imbalances caused by repetitive, strenuous physical activity and/or trauma. They are done using different techniques depending on a clients individual needs.

What are the benefits of sports corrective massage?

  1. It increases healing of damaged and overworked tissue and muscles, reducing recovery time.
  2. Increases performance potential of the muscles, can be reached and sustained over a longer period.
  3. Prevents future injury by identifying and treating current muscle weakness, restrictions and problem areas.
  4. Remodelling of scar tissue enabling muscles and joints to recover faster after injury.
  5. Various techniques breakdown adhesion improving muscle suitableness and mobility.
  6. Improved flexibility – for example breakdown of hydrogen bonds between collagen fibres in connective tissue, reducing restrictions in the muscle fascia network.

Sports corrective massage at Soul Solutions Holistic Spa

Whether you live with chronic pain, recently suffered a sports-related injury or want to get in better shape, we are here to help. Using a unique blend of cutting edge personal training strategies and master-level manual therapies, we engage with our clients 1-to-1 to help them reach their unique fitness goals. Our team of expert therapists bring energy, positive and extensive knowledge that has enabled us to build long-lasting client relationships for more than 10 years.

For more info you can look at our services or contact us for a free consultation.



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