pedicures and manicure in malta

Pedicures And Manicures in Malta

Make It a Girls Day Out

Pedicures and manicures in Malta are treatments you can get at any salon or spa by professional trained staff. The term pedicure comes from the Latin “pedi” meaning foot and “cure” meaning care and the term manicure also comes from the Latin “mani” meaning hand and “cure” meaning care.

Both treatments are very similar and are done to make the hands and feet look and feel their best. It is just that one is for the feet and the other is for the hands. When these treatments are done regularly they help the hands and feet to remain free of nail fungus and prevent other hand and feet conditions from surfacing.


Let’s concentrate on pedicures first. Although the perception is that this is something that a woman does, it is not true and we are seeing more men being concerned about their looks nowadays and that is how it should be. A pedicure begins with your feet being soaked in a warm, soapy water foot spa to clean, disinfect the feet and loosen up the dead skin cells to make the skin of the feet easier to work with. The cuticles are pushed back and trimmed around the toe nails, the nails are cut to an acceptable length and filed neatly, the callouses and extra dead skin are also filed off.

The therapist will assist you in choosing the right colour for your toe nail polish. They usually have a large selection of colors to choose from. Also included in this treatment is a really good foot, ankle, and lower leg massage to increase the blood flow to those areas. After the massage you will surely feel relaxed and pampered. Finally the toe nails are dried, buffed and painted with the colour you chose earlier. The end result will leave you feeling marvelous and relaxed.

Benefit from a pedicure service

Foot health is very important. Your feet have to work very hard keep in mind that they carry you around all day and they deserve the very best treatment. You will have less ingrown toe nails, less corns and dry skin because of the regular care you give your feet. You feet will thank you, trust me.

Manicure for male and female

Manicures are also another great way to pamper yourself. Whether you are male or female, it does not matter. Some men like to have their hands look good, especially if they are in business. Get their nails done help them to make a good impression. The only difference is that when it comes to the nail polish, men can either choose to do a base coat which is specifically for the men or else he can choose to leave them natural.

A manicure usually starts out with the traditional soaking of the hands. Then the cuticles are pushed back and trimmed off, and the nails are trimmed if necessary. Then the therapist will file the nails to your preferred shape. The best part is saved for last, a nice relaxing massage of the hand and forearm. You will think that this is something that is not necessary but in fact after the massage you will surely change your mind and start thinking to rebook something similar.

Benefits from a manicure service

It is so relaxing and the result is amazing the skin is nourished, feels soft and with your fingers looking perfect and your skin glowing, you will be ready to face whatever life throws at you with a smile. Getting a manicure can be a part of the outfit you have on. You can either match the nail polish with your clothes, go neutral or go bold, matte or shiny. It is your choice. Getting a manicure is a great way to relax and reduce some stress in your life. Make it a girl’s day out and take a couple of friends to go get pedicures and manicures.


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