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Holistic Massages – Wellness for the body & mind

A full body holistic massage is a great way to love ourselves, especially when we need to switch off, relax or just feel good. In this article we will explore/share what is a holistic massage? What are the benefits from this type of massages?

What is a Holistic Massage?

A holistic massage is a massage technique that involves not only the body, but also the spirit, emotions and energies of the whole body.

It is, by definition, a treatment that considers the person as a whole, taking into consideration the bio-energetic and anatomical characteristics.

It combines different massage techniques, acting on the energy meridians and sometimes combining other natural therapies.

Benefits from a Holistic massage

Holistic massages can have two main benefits:

  1. Decongestant – toxins are disposed of, purifying the body
  2. Stimulating function – to tone the muscles

The holistic massage helps to relax contracted muscles and improve circulation as well as the kneipp path, nerve bundles and joint mobility.

This increases the flow of the body and can alleviate various disorders such as insomnia, back pain and arthritis.

At a deeper level, it can help to release negative emotions stored within the body tissues, changing and balancing the energy of the person treated.

Not only physical wellness

Holistic massages involves the physical, emotional and mental levels of each individual; the term “holistic” in fact comes from the Greek and means “whole” and refers to all aspects of a person.

The practitioner’s ability also lies in varying the pressure of the massage, the directions and the speed according to the response received from the client’s body.

In fact, at the moment of touch, each body sends different physiological responses, involving sensory and nervous receptors.

The How of a Holistic massage

The therapist customise the massage according to the needs of the client and stimulates communication between body & mind with physical contact, to eliminate energy and muscle blocks.

It awakens the energy of a person, dissolving tensions through tactile stimulation throughout the body, considering each person with their own set of emotions, rationality and energies similar to a meditation.

Holistic Massages at Souls Solutions Holistic Spa

The first step is a consultation between client and therapist. Client needs/concerns are assessed and the therapist determines the most effective way to untie knots and tensions that are often directly related to the psychological aspect of the person.

The patient can lie down and receive the massage, which begins with the manipulation; relaxation and softening of the muscles.

The second phase aims at re-balancing energy, obtained through acupressure and activation of the energy meridians, as well as the removal of any stagnation caused by imbalances in the internal organs.

This phase should immediately bring relief and a sense of well-being to the mind.

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