Deep Tissue Massage

Full Body Massage

Massaging the whole body with aromatic oils has the power to release muscular tension, increase energy and create a feeling of well-being. This massage starts on the back, moves down to the feet, and then continues on the front from head to toes. It takes about an hour and a half.

Have a look at our full body massages

The Back

Everybody loves a back massage and, as most of the basic movements are used here, it is an ideal place to start. We begin by slowly stroking down the back to enhance relaxation. We work smoothly and rhythmically to create a hypnotic effect.

The Back of the Legs & Feet

Following the back massage, we move down to begin work on the back of the legs and feet. We make sure to keep the rest of the body covered with towels so you will stay warm while we massage first one leg, then the other.

The Face

Face massage will take about 15 minutes. Although it is easier to work oil or cream, we make this massage also without any lubricant if our client doesn’t want her hair to get oily.

Chest, Shoulders & Neck 

Almost everyone we carry tension in the shoulders and neck, so this is an extremely popular area to massage. By working on the chest, you relax the muscles and encourage deeper breathing.

Arms & Hands

Tension in one area can often be released by stroking another part of the body. If tense arms are causing the shoulders to ache, these calm hypnotic movements will soothe, and gently ease tension out of the muscles. Arm muscles are usually strong, so our movements here can be firm, while simply holding and stroking the hand can be calming.

The abdomen 

Great sensitivity is required when massaging the abdomen because many people are nervous about being touched here. We reassure our client that our strokes will be gentle, and we massage confidently in a clockwise direction, following the workings of the intestines. Smooth, repetitive massage with aromatic oils helps to calm the nerves, combat constipation and stimulate the digestive system while toning the skin.

The front of the legs

When we massage the leg, image that we are sculpting it into a perfect shape. We begin on the left leg, and continue with the foot massage before to returning to massage the right leg. These firm, repetitive movements stimulate the circulation, dispel fatigue, help to after exercise.

The feet

Massaging the foot with scented oils can be particularly relaxing and usually evokes sighs of delight. It relieves fatigue, and revitalises and relaxes the whole body. Because some people are ticklish on their feet and may be nervous at first, we use confident, firm movements with just enough oil to allow your fingers to move smoothly.

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