Meaning of Holistic

What does Holistic mean?

Firstly, holistic treatments are focused on self-healing. The client is led to understand that given the right environment, they can heal themselves; the holistic treatment provides the necessary knowledge and conditions for this to happen.

Secondly, holistic therapy concentrates on treating the underlying root causes of the problem, not just the symptoms the client reports. This requires that the therapist is very skilled at counselling the client. Ultimately, in keeping with the first principle outlined above, the client must understand the cause of their illness and want to treat it.

Thirdly, the holistic approach treats the mind and body as tightly interconnected systems with each affecting the other. This is taken for granted in everyday life, but a practical consequence is that even if the client has not recognised the underlying psychological causes of (for example) stress, they can still benefit from the physical effects of massage. And in the hands of a competent therapist, the client will come to understand the causes of the stress and be able to make the changes in their life to address them.

In conclusion, holistic practices represent empowerment for the client. They allow those who want to take responsibility for their own well being the opportunity to do so. Holistic practitioners help people to help themselves.

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