holistic reflexology

Holistic Reflexology

Reflexology is a specialised foot massage treating the whole person by using the feet (or the hands) as “map” to all the organs and systems of the body. Reflexology is a good-all round therapy and is also excellent for diagnosing imbalances and is especially appropriate for reducing stress levels. This type of treatment is also suitable for all age groups. Reflexology uses pressure points on the feet and hands, which relate to different parts or organs to stimulate the bodies own healing system. It can help the communication lines to stay open and the body, mind and emotions to stay healthy and works well for most conditions.

It has been demonstrated that the reflexology has impressive results when used to aid pregnancy and childbirth. Other benefits of this holistic massage is its usefulness in dealing with the problem of congestion in various parts of the body. When an area of the foot is sensitive or sore to the touch, it indicates an energy blockage in the part of the body it refers to. Due to the 7000 nerve endings in the feet, the holistic reflexology helps to release trapped nervous energy in the feet. Toxins are removed and homeostasis (a balanced state in the body) is restores, thus helping the body to heal itself and providing much needed energy, through improved circulation.

If you would like to receive a holistic reflexology massage you can have a look at our services and make an appointment with one of our professional masseur.


Our Goal

Our goal is to tailor the clients experience based on initial consultation information, as well as feedback during the treatments, to ensure the clients comfort and satisfaction. An important facet of the spa is that every treatment will be explained in detail so that the client will be able to relax completely.

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